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Guitar maintenance Tips

  • Q Guitar hygiene: mainly clean the strings, fingerboard, and body

    (1) After playing the guitar, wipe the strings with a cloth, especially in the summer when your hands are sweaty. This will help maintain the strings, prevent them from getting rusty, and increase the service life of the strings.
    (2) Regularly tidy up the fingerboard, clean it with a cloth, and regularly wipe the maintenance oil on it, which is more conducive to the smoothness of playing and guitar maintenance, and avoids dryness and cracking.
    (3) Keep the guitar body clean. You can wipe it clean with a slightly damp special cloth to avoid excessive water and prevent the strings from getting wet (easy to rust).
  • Q Accessories (consumables) replacement

    Consumable parts are sometimes replaced during guitar use (the official website has relevant practical videos for reference)
    (1) Tuners replacement. It is most important to choose the right model when replace the knob. The size of the same model should be the same to avoid inappropriateness.
    (2) String replacement. Strings should be replaced regularly. It is generally recommended to replace them every 3 months. Even if they are not used, they should be replaced every year. The sound of oxidized strings will be seriously damaged. If you practice a lot, replace them at any time,depending on abrasion.
    (3) Replacement of string pins. Generally, plastic pins are economical. but for top solid or all solid guitar, which use wooden or bone pins, that will be better for sound conduction.
    (4) Fret people replacement. Please contact the guitar company directly for after-sales . It is not easy to do bt yourself (except for those with high skills).
  • Q Common sense of guitar fretboard adjustment

    If you play guitar unfrequently ,please loosen the tuner in half circle. Because high pressure on top for  long time, that will deform top.
    Guitar  purchased  after a period of time  , the fretboard will naturally bend or lean back due to the external factors such as climate change and string tension. The guitar may has fret. If the fretboard is bulge, use a hex wrench to adjust it clockwise. If the fretboard is protruding, adjust it counterclockwise until the fretboard is level. If you buy it at a  music store, you can ask the music tuner to help adjust it. If you buy it online, you can adjust it yourself according to the above method. It is very simple. After adjustment, it will feel better and make it easier to play.

Guitar Maintenance Methods

  • Q Humidification in winter and spring

    (1) The air humidity should be kept between 40% and 60%. If the air humidity is lower than 40%, the board will shrink and the guitar wood will easily burst. in the northern region of China. In winter, the weather is cold and the air conditioning are turned on to heat. In spring, it is dry and windy, and the air temperature is low, need to be humidified.

    (2) How to use humidifier:
    Many piano friends think that when a household humidifier is turned on, it humidifies. The humidification effect should be based on data. The air humidity is optimal between 40% and 60%. part humidification is an effective method with obvious effects. Household humidifiers can't reach the demand.
    ① Pour water into the drip hole and do not overflow the moisture dispersion hole.
    ② Place the humidifier  between the 3rd and 4th strings of the guitar sound hole.
    ③ Pay attention to humidification every winter and spring. Especially in dry and cold areas, should humidify 1-2 times a week. Players who have the conditions can install a hygrometer in the  box and check it frequently.
  • Q Dehumidification and drying are required in summer

    A The air humidity is too high in summer, Please put desiccant inside the guitar to prevent the guitar from deforming and metal parts from rusting. If the humidity is too high, the panel will bulge, the strings will become taller, and the hand feeling will become worse. You can use air conditioning to dehumidify to achieve a certain effect. If the dehumidification effect is not satisfactory, you can replace it with a slightly lower saddle to help adjust the hand feeling.
  • Q Placement

    (1) It is strictly prohibited to place it on a balcony or in a place where direct sunlight comes in. It is strictly prohibited to place it next to a heater, fireplace, or air conditioner in winter, or it is strictly prohibited to place it in a vent. The above places are prone to causing the board to crack (especially in winter).
    Prevent extrusion, impact avold damage.
    (2) Avoid breaking the headstock and place it appropriately.
    1) It is best to place it in a leather box or gig bag, which is safe and easy to maintain.
    2) Sometimes for easy use at any time, you can buckle one side of the strings on a flat tabletop.
    3) The best way is to place it on a special guitar stand, which is the safest.
    4) Avoid placing the guitar upright against a wall, next to a chair, or next to a table. Once the guitar tips over, it can easily break the headstock.
  Seasonal changes require different maintenance methods.  climate varies from place to place. Different maintenance methods need to be carried out according to the conditions of your own region.Top crack caused by poor maintenance are not covered by the warranty. Please be sure to master the maintenance knowledge and properly Take good care of your guitar!

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